7 Tips to Get Your Dog Exercise (Even if You Don’t Have Much Time)

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Dog Health, Dog Lifestyle

Exercise for your Dog

Exercise is imperative for a happy and healthy dog. But for many of us, it can seem impossible to fit in daily walks. Here are some ways you can exercise your dog without investing too much of your time.

Exercise Areas & Programs

1. At-Home Walking

At-Home walking is an excellent solution for dogs that remain home or crated during the day. This is a great fit for owners who work a full 8-hour day. Some of the benefits of at-home walking include:

  • A mid-day bathroom break
  • 20-40 minutes of walking
  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Reinforcement of basic training

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2. Dog Daycare

Daycare works well for dogs that love playing with other dogs and tend to have excess energy. Daycare allows your dog to interact with dogs of different sizes and breeds in an environment which is constantly monitored for safety. Some of the benefits of daycare are:

  • Socialization with a variety of breeds and daycare handlers
  • More vigorous play than at-home walking
  • Dogs with a lot of energy have a safe environment to play
  • Available for just a couple hours while you run errands, or for a full day
  • Pick up and drop off service within our service area

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3. Local Dog Parks

If the weather is nice and you’d like to spend some time outside, taking your dog to a local dog park is the way to go. Dog parks create a safe outdoor environment for dogs to play. Many parks will require your dog to have a valid rabies tag and be registered with city. Check with your local city or town office to find out what requirements your dog has to meet prior to utilizing the park. Spend 30-minutes at the dog park and let your dog run free. Some of the benefits of utilizing a dog park are:

  • Your dog can play outside with other dogs
  • The smells, wildlife and sounds will help to desensitize your dog to the area
  • You can meet other local dog owners and arrange playdates
  • You can let your dog off-leash and practice training

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4. Agility Class

Agility class is perfect for high-energy dogs who are well-trained and would benefit from mental stimulation as well. Collies and herding breeds have a natural drive for agility. For owners looking to increase the bond with their dog, the class will help you and your dog learn how to navigate a variety of agility obstacles including jumps, tunnels, tire loops and weaves. While this class does take an investment of time up front, soon you and your dog will be able to complete an agility course in just a few minutes. Your dog will have fun and get some energy out while you direct your dog through the obstacles. Agility is a good fit if you:

  • Are looking for further training for your dog
  • You have time to dedicate to training throughout the week
  • Your dog seems bored by traditional play
  • Your dog could use a confidence boost

Exercise Tools & Toys

5. Dog Treadmill

Dog treadmill use is on the rise in the training community for dogs that require a lot of exercise. Treadmills make it possible for larger dogs to exist happily in an apartment setting. Similar to a human treadmill, the dog treadmill will allow your dog to exercise for as long as he chooses. Best of all, you can set your dog up to do some running indoor at anytime that’s convenient for you. Some of the benefits are:

  • Your dog can exercise independently (you don’t have to run with your dog)
  • You can fit the treadmill in a small area of your home and use it as-needed
  • Dogs that have a lot of energy can run without needing space

6. Chuck-it Toy

The Chuck-it Toy is ideal for dog owners who are able to utilize a large fenced-in area, such as a local dog park or backyard. For retrieving breeds and dogs that love playing fetch, the toy allows you to greatly extend your throwing range. You can send your dog flying after the ball with minimal effort on your end. Best of all, the toy is inexpensive and available at most pet shops. This will allow your dog to fetch and retrieve (and get some sprinting done) in just a few minutes.

7. Treat Ball

A Treat Ball is perfect for breeds which don’t usually like to exercise, but are highly food motivated. Simply place a handful of your dog’s favorite treats into the ball and place it on the ground. Your dog will have to push the ball around with his nose in order for the treats to come out. If your dog likes begging at the table, a treat ball is an excellent distraction. Place the ball on the ground before you start eating to entertain your dog during dinner. You can also set the ball up before you leave for work and your dog will be occupied while you’re away.

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