A Member of Our Pack Becomes a Pet Partner

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Dog Lifestyle, News and Updates

Jeter Mancusi Pet Partner

If you’ve ever been in the lobby of Beantown Bed and Biscuit around 7:30am you may have seen Jeter, a handsome Chocolate Labrador of 3 years, trotting happily down the stairs. He enters the facility with his leash in his mouth as if to say, “No worries, mom. I can walk myself!”. With his tail high and wagging, he greets the front desk staff with an enormous amount of animation and enthusiasm.

That is why we were not at all surprised when Jeter’s owner, Miranda Mancusi, informed us that Jeter had recently become a Pet Partner.

Pet Partners is a national organization which helps improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of people through positive human-animal interaction. The dogs in this program are evaluated on a number of tasks including basic obedience and positive interaction with other dogs.

“I joke that he is my “wingdog” (as opposed to my wingman),” Miranda said.  “I have met so many neighbors because people are drawn to him when we walk and then of course, we strike up a conversation.”

Pet Partners like Miranda and Jeter volunteer their time to help members of the community have access to a friendly, loving dog. You may find Pet Partners in local schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

“Jeter just has the most glorious temperament… and I felt that he needs a job and a purpose. Even as a puppy he was friendly with everyone he meets, and would sit down and wait for friendly people if he saw them half a block away,” Miranda said.

Jeter is a member of the Paws for People branch of Pet Partners through Tufts University.

Miranda hopes to volunteer with Jeter in a university library starting this Fall. Jeter can then provide stress relief to students while studying.

Congratulations on becoming a Pet Partner, Jeter! We are very proud to have had you as part of our pack for the past three years.

You can read more about Jeter (including how Jeter got his name) on Miranda’s blog here.

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