An Owner’s Guide to Lyme Disease

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016 in Dog Health

Our wellness clinic saw an increase in tick-related concerns from our patients this winter. As the weather warms, ticks will begin to come out of hibernation. Deer ticks are prevalent in the Northeast region and are a threat to both indoor and outdoor dogs. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide to Lyme disease – one of the most common tickborne illnesses – to help you get started with tick protection today:

Owner's Guide to Lyme Disease Infographic

For more about whether you should give your dog flea/tick protection all year round, check out this article.

Contact us today! We are happy to assist you if:

  • You are unable to remove a tick from your dog
  • You suspect your dog has had a tick for longer than 36 hours
  • There is redness or irritation surrounding the tick bite
  • You have questions about which flea/tick protection is best for your dog
  • Your dog is showing the clinical symptoms of Lyme disease or you would like a Lyme test completed
  • You have questions about the Lyme vaccination

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