Grooming Services

Grooming is available Tuesday – Saturday  by appointment only. To schedule your groom, please call us at (617) 444-9446. We recommend calling at least one week in advance to schedule your dog’s groom.

Whether your dog needs a quick bath, a nail trim, or a full-service grooming session, our professional dog groomer will be happy to help!  We use top-quality shampoos and conditioners including oatmeal, hypo-allergenic, and super-white formulas.  Our groomer Diandra is gentle, patient, and thorough with every dog she sees. Diandra has been a groomer for 10 years and has been on the Bed & Biscuit team since July of 2014.

Grooming prices may vary and are based on the dog’s breed, coat condition and temperament. Call us today for a quote!


Beantown Dog Grooming - Bath & Brush ServiceBath & Brush

Our Bath and Brush service includes a bath using a premium shampoo and a thorough brushing. A nail trim and ear cleaning are also provided with this service.


Beantown Grooming - Full Service GroomFull-Service Groom

A Full-Service Groom includes a bath using a premium shampoo and a thorough brushing. This package also includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, and a sanitary cut including a face and paw trim.


Beantown Grooming - Premium Grooming ServicePremium Groom

A Premium Groom includes a bath using a premium shampoo and a thorough brushing. In addition to a sanitary cut, we provide your dog with a full haircut to your specifications. This service also includes a nail trim and ear cleaning.


Beantown Grooming - Puppy GroomPuppy Groom

A Puppy Groom includes a bath, brush, sanitary cut, nail trim and ear cleaning. We will also trim your pup’s face and paws. Throughout the groom we slowly introduce your dog to the various grooming tools to ensure a relaxed and happy introduction to grooming. Puppy grooms are offered up to 5 months of age.


Beantown Grooming Additional Services

  • Toothbrushing
  • Anal gland expressing
  • Walk-in nail trim or grinding
  • Medicated baths


Book your appointment in conjunction with a day of daycare and your dog is sure to come home happy, tired, and looking as great as they feel.

Medicated Baths – Treat Allergies & Skin Irritations

Does your dog suffer from chronic hot spots, rashes, or other skin irritations?  At Beantown Bed & Biscuit, we specialize in medicated baths to help treat and prevent these issues.

Our veterinarian Dr. Straut can evaluate your dog’s condition and recommend a multi-modal treatment plan that best suits your dog’s needs. Please call ahead to schedule an evaluation.

You can preview our seasonal grooming specials here.

Beantown Grooming Specials Spring 2016

Grooming Salon Etiquette

Proof of rabies vaccination is required for all grooming appointments. As walk-in appointments are not always available, we recommend calling in advance to schedule your appointment. Please provide 24-hours advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your groom. Grooms typically take 2-4 hours depending on the type of groom and breed of dog.

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