Classes by Kate Moore, ABC Certified Dog Trainer

Kate has worked for Beantown Bed & Biscuit since October of 2014 and received her Dog Trainer Certification through the Animal Behavior College. Her focus area is helping owners welcome puppies into their new home through positive-reinforcement training.

Whether you’re looking to introduce your puppy to new commands, tackle puppy problem behaviors, or socialize your dog in a large, clean environment, our Dog Training School is the perfect fit for you. Classes take place in our 1,800 square foot indoor dog park allowing each dog to practice cues in a designated area.

We are proud to offer a variety of dog training options including:

    • Group Puppy Classes
    • At-Home Training
    • Training While in Daycare or Boarding

Sessions available immediately – please call 617.444.9446 or email our head trainer Kate for a consultation.

Classes for Your Puppy

Beantown Bed and Biscuit Puppy KindergartenPuppy Kindergarten – 6 Weeks – 1 Hour Sessions – $185

Tuesday Evenings at 6:00 pm starting Tuesday, November 29th.

This beginner course helps you develop a training bond with your puppy and is recommended for puppies from 10 weeks to 5-months old. Help develop your dog socially with designated play time and learn what is appropriate and inappropriate play. This course will also introduce your dog to basic obedience cues such as focus, sit, down, stay, leave it, and come. Download the Puppy Kindergarten Class Outline

Advanced Puppy Classes – 6 Weeks – 1 Hour Sessions – $215

Accepting Early Registration — Classes will begin with 3-5 dogs are registered

A more in-depth course focusing on increasing duration and distraction while giving the cues focus, sit, down, stay, heel, and developing a reliable recall. Your dog will practice these cues in a variety of scenarios and learn to focus on you for direction.

New Puppy Welcome Training – At Home – 2 customized sessions – One Hour each – $200

Schedule at your convenience

Help to educate your whole family on the importance of a consistent training schedule and introduce basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and loose-leash walking. Learn how to incorporate real-life rewards to ensure a healthy human-dog relationship at home. Begin to address problem behaviors by reinforcing alternative behaviors.

Classes While in Daycare or Boarding

For added convenience, our staff trainer will work with your dog to tackle problem behaviors in 15-30 minute training sessions while your dog is in daycare or boarding! Our facility has a separate training area where your dog will be able to learn one-on-one in a distraction-free area. After each session, our trainer will provide you with an outline of what was worked on, and an outline of how you can continue reinforcing the training at home. We recommend purchasing sessions in 2-3 hour blocks for consistency and reinforcement.

Here are some examples of what we can work with you and your dog on:

Sitting Politely For Petting

Does your dog jump on every new stranger (and friend) you see? Work on sitting politely for petting by reinforcing the “sit before pet” command with repetition and reinforcement while in daycare.

Loose Leash Walking

Learn and reinforce loose-leash walking with this intensive at-daycare training program. We will begin by working on the “heel” command in the facility, then work on introducing distractions outdoors. Additionally we will work on sitting politely at intersections as well as basic obedience outdoors.

Reliable / Emergency Recall

Does your dog come when called? What about if there are other dogs or people in the area? If your dog is ever off-leash or in a high-traffic area having a reliable or emergency recall is crucial to your dog’s safety.

Reliable Stay / Go to Your Place

If your dog “pops” up immediately after you sit/down commands, this may be the session for you. Not only will your dog lengthen the duration of the “stay” command, but also remain reliable with the introduction of distractions as well. Additionally we will work on creating a “place” for your dog to go to from across the room, which is ideal for the successful greeting of guests, and when you simply need your dog out of the way.

Focus On Me

Having trouble getting your dog’s attention throughout the day? With the focus exercises we will work on creating consistent, unbroken eye-contact which is especially helpful for dogs with short attention spans or that are easily distracted. The focus cue will be used both in sit/stay and while on walks to ensure your dog is focused on you no matter where you are.