While the company was founded in 2009, Beantown Bed & Biscuit just opened their brand new veterinary, daycare, boarding, grooming and training facility in January. It is located in the heart of Coolidge Corner, Brookline MA. With about 5,000 square feet dedicated to providing all the services local dogs need to thrive, it will quickly become your dog’s home away from home!

Please come in today to see our clean, modernly appointed facility featuring:

  • A giant playroom for all our daycare and boarding dogs
  • A veterinary wellness clinic
  • A full-service grooming salon
  • Caring and knowledgable handlers who are always there to play with your dog
  • A variety of toys and pet accessories to keep your dog entertained
  • A full range of retail products, including local and handmade items
  • Healthy, high quality dog food to bring home with your pup
Entrance to Brookline's Veterinary and Daycare Center

Our daycare playroom features a proprietary SoftPaw surface that is more sanitary than artificial turf or rubber flooring, but still has grip and cushion. Our dogs can run and play all day on a clean, sanitary, surface that is easy on their paws and joints.

Our veterinary wellness clinic features the most modern equipment available, allowing us to provide the best preventative and remedial care around.

All of Bed & Biscuit’s handlers are certified in Canine CPR and First Aid.

Every dog must pass a behavior evaluation before ever taking part in daycare. Your dog will be surrounded by sweet, well-balanced dogs they can run and play with all day.

We cary Fromm and Merrick dog foods. Both brands are small, family owned companies operated 100% in the U.S. with outstanding quality control, high quality recipes and ingredients, and outstanding ingredient sourcing policies. Both traditional and grain free options are available and we provide home delivery for clients living in Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville.

Chloe in Brookline's Dog Daycare PlayroomHappy visitors to Brookline's Dog vet and daycare