Find out which leash attachment is right for your dog – an Infographic

Choosing the correct collar for your dog’s training can be difficult, and there are a lot of options out there. While no leash attachment is a substitution for good training, this infographic can help you determine which leash attachment may be best for your dog:

Choose the right collar infographic

Prong Collar

A prong collar is an adjustable metal collar with spiked, rounded prongs that wrap around your dog’s neck. The purpose of the collar is to help prevent excessive pulling and maintain control over your dog. The prongs will press into your dog’s neck if he tries to pull causing minor discomfort, which helps to prevent the behavior. This type of collar is a good choice if:

  • your dog consistently pulls on the leash
  • your dog DOES NOT pull in quick, excited bursts
  • your dog is not easily controlled using a traditional neck collar
  • your dog is much larger or stronger than you

It’s important to note that while a prong collar is a useful tool for many dogs, inappropriate use of the collar can lead to serious injury to your dog. If your dog is easily excited on the leash or may pull quickly in a different direction, the prongs may puncture your dog’s skin. Speak to your trainer about whether your dog is a good candidate for a prong collar and about proper fit and sizing.

Neck Collars

The traditional neck collar comes in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and fabrics. Some use a plastic clip to close, and others a metal fasten (similar to a belt). There are a few variations of neck collars as well. A martingale collar features a loop which closes tighter around your dog’s neck when there is pressure on the leash. This is ideal for dogs whose neck is the same width as the head (like Greyhounds). The loop prevents the collar from slipping over your dog’s ears. This type of collar is a good choice if:

  • your dog does not usually pull on the leash
  • you have good control over your dog, or your dog is a small breed
  • your dog is not easily distracted on walks by smells, other dogs, or other people
  • you are able to control your dog on leash

Gentle Leader

A gentle leader is a head collar which wraps both around your dog’s snout and up behind his ears. The design is similar to a horse bridle. The purpose of the collar is to prevent pulling on the leash by redirecting your dog’s head. For example, if your dog goes to smell a hydrant, when pressure is put on the leash, the gentle leader will pull your dog’s head back toward you. For more about this type of collar and how to desensitize your dog to a gentle leader, check out this article. This type of attachment is a good choice if:

  • you have the time to desensitize your dog to a head attachment
  • your dog frequently or consistently pulls on the leash
  • your dog is not easily controlled on either a traditional collar or a prong collar

EZ Walk Harness

The EZ Walk Harness is a brand of harness produced by PetSafe and features a leash attachment located over your dog’s chest. Similar to the gentle leader, the purpose of the harness is to redirect your dog’s pulling in a different direction. This type of harness is a good choice if:

  • you would like to have more control over your dog than a traditional collar
  • your dog can slip out of a traditional collar
  • your dog suddenly or quickly pulls you in a different direction

Choosing the correct collar can help you and your dog walk safely and successfully on leash. Unsure which attachment is best for you? Speak with a local veterinarian or trainer about your dog’s walking habits.

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